Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fun little /s/ blend cut and paste booklets

I have a ton of /s/ blend kiddos on my speech caseload this year! I love working on s blends because children seem to progress quickly with them. (Carryover is another story! That is why I included sample phrases and sentences.) We have had the best time making these little books. I got the idea from all of the neat interactive notebooks and foldables I have seen on TPT lately. You don't have to fold these or glue into a notebook though. They are really cute when they are finished, and my kids all ask to take them home to read to their parents. Yeah for carryover! Yeah for reading! (Sorry - I just finished a binge marathon of Breaking Bad. Jesse Pinkman-isms just come out now.)

I included a directions page to explain how to make these. We have been able to finish making one booklet in one speech session. (While also practicing correct sound production at the same time.)
I have had so much fun making these with the kids, I want to make more sets with other sounds.

I included a data sheet and stimulus pictures as an extra item to help with RTI progress monitoring, or you might want to use it with your current speech kids. You might choose to just work on some of the s blends at one time, so you might not need the whole data sheet in one session. If you are like me, you keep data on 24 different sticky notes to transfer! I'm still on the lookout for the perfect data sheet. I think this one is a pretty good supplement for tracking which s blends are giving my students the most trouble.

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